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Hip Pain or Groin Pain is a common condition affecting both men and women for a wide range of reasons, that we are going to discuss in a series of posts.

We are going to start with Hip Pain in Women.

Causes are :

1- Arthritis: Chronic arthritis or wear&tear pain is the commonest cause of pain in women and may be due to Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and many other syndromes.

2- Hip Fractures either traumatic or pathologic due to osteoporosis.

3- Hernia whether Inguinal or Femoral hernia.

4- Tendinitis or Bursitis.

5- Gynecologic Causes such as osteitis pubis or inflammation of pelvic bones due to gynecologic infections.

6- Referred Back Pain due to disc prolapse, Paraspinal muscle spasm,…etc

7- Osteomyelitis ( chronic bone infection).

8- Bone Tumours :

* Benign.

* Malignant ( primary or secondary from elsewhere ).

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